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Our Story

Our Sustainability

Over the past 4 decades, we have undertaken numerous initiatives in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and ensure the health and safety of people.

However, it was not until 2015 that these initiatives were consolidated to officially launch our Sustainability program. At the time, our flagship initiative was our Carbon Project. Now, our program has expanded to include three other initiatives as we continuously push forward to be at the forefront of the industry.

Carbon Project

Understanding that each and every one of us all have our share of responsibility for our current climate crisis, in 2015 we decided to launch our Carbon Project.

This initiative marked our official commitment to implement a sustainability program across all our facilities as we completed our first greenhouse gas inventory report. At the time, our governmental climate change policies allowed organizations to be certified carbon neutral by only offsetting Scopes 1 and 2 emissions.

So that very year, Project Clean became the first carbon neutral cleaning solutions manufacturing company in North America. This third-party carbon neutral certification by Offsetters™ was upheld for three subsequent years until the more stringent PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Standards came into effect requiring all Scope 3 emissions to also be accounted. Today, we are working through the ambitious task of increasing our Scope 3 data to include more emission sources in our annual greenhouse gas inventory while also implementing carbon reduction strategies throughout our organization. We have now set our goal to reclaim our carbon neutrality and achieve net zero emissions by 2025.

Renewable Energy Project

As an extension of our Carbon Project and our efforts to support to a low fossil-fuel economy, we have partnered with Bullfrog Power™, a renewable energy service provider, to supply Project Clean with low-impact, climate-friendly electricity and natural gas.

We are proud to announce that our Hamilton, ON, Head Office is now powered by 100% renewable energy and supports a variety of local and national green energy projects. Our goal is to expand our renewable energy program across all of our facilities over the next three years to fully operate on low-impact renewable energy by 2024.

Circular Product Project

With the alarming figures on landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastics, it became integral for us to review our products’ entire life cycle within our sustainability R&D process.

Creating environmentally friendly cleaning solutions is only one part of our whole product equation and we realized it is necessary to also include our products’ end-of-life disposal process. We then launched our Circular Packaging Project as part of our new and exciting multiphase source reduction program to address waste at the initial design stage of our products.

In previous years, we have focused our efforts on implementing a comprehensive outbound waste management program across our facilities. Now, with the advancements in new packaging materials and solutions, we are tackling waste right from the source. As we develop our new packaging program, we have partnered with key suppliers and together we are focused on achieving Project Clean’s sustainability objectives in this area.

B Corp Project

With over 3,500 Certified B Corporations around the world, B Lab offers the gold standard for better business practices with a rigorous B Impact Assessment to benchmark a company’s social and environmental performance.

The required minimum score of 80 points is no small feat for a business to be certified. However, simply undertaking the B Impact Assessment (BIA) can provide a great roadmap for any business looking to build a sustainable business model.

Project Clean’s B Corp Project is one of our greatest initiatives, alongside our goal to achieve net zero emissions. So far, we have completed B Lab’s BIA. We have identified our strengths as well as key areas of improvements and we are now setting our course to achieve our B Corporation certification by 2023.

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