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Food Service Trio

Food Service Trio

Find the right DailyTrio for your business needs:

Find the right DailyTrio for your business needs:

Project Clean Food Service Trio

General Care

General Care is here to help you keep the ‘Front of the House’ a clean, safe and inviting place for your customers. First impressions make all the difference. So when you shine further by choosing EcoLogo® certified Neutral Clean and Glass & Surface Clean, and the great performance of our Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner you show that you care about your customers and the Earth.

Project Clean Disinfecting Multi-Surface Clean

Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner is a multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Project Clean Glass & Surface Clean

Glass & Surface Clean

Glass & Surface Clean is an Ecologo® certified, biodegradable product that is safe to use, cleans quickly and dries streak-free.

Project Clean Floor Care Neutral Clean

Neutral Clean

Neutral Clean is a concentrated neutral cleaner with a unique formulation that will not yellow or dull today’s floor finishes.

Project Clean Food Service Trio

Kitchen Care

Kitchen Care helps behind the scenes with workhorse products that are safe and economical in your kitchen and prep areas. All Degrease & Clean’s grease lifting formula keeps tile and grout looking new while reducing slip hazards. Pot & Pan Clean does the scrubbing for you without harmful ingredients, and Foaming Hand Wash is super economical while giving rich foamy lather and a mild pleasant scent. *(Prefer Unscented? Try our Moisturizing Hand Soap with its creamy pearl texture)

Project Clean Pot & Pan Clean

Pot & Pan Clean

Pot & Pan Clean is a manual dishwashing liquid designed to remove grease and oils.

Project Clean All Degrease & Clean - 32oz

All Degrease & Clean

All Degrease & Clean is a biological-based grout and floor cleaner with a unique blend of bacteria and enzymes to clean floor tile and grout.

Project Clean Foaming Hand Wash - 32oz

Foaming Hand Wash

Foaming Hand Wash is a mild, foaming hand soap that delivers great cleaning performance.

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