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All Degrease & Clean

All Degrease & Clean is a grease lifting solutions to keep your floor surface clean. Through its unique blend of grease and protein digesting bacteria and enzymes it reduces discoloration and unpleasant floor odors.

PRODUCT SKU: A100850-4c22
  • Bio-based ingredients
  • Digests grease & protein
  • Improves slip resistance
  • Deodorizes


Physical Data

Clear liquid




Fresh citrus scent





ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN’s dual cleaning action penetrate and suspend dirt while not allowing re-depositing on the floor. With repeated regular cleaning, it brings most floors back to their original appearance. ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN does not contain harmful chemicals such as caustics, acids, or solvents and can also be used on stainless steel.


ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN should have a one-week shock period for highly soiled or abused floors: Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute at 8 oz. per US gallon with hot tap water (64 ml/liter) (less than 140oF/60oC) (1:16). Sweep floor first and spread generously, let stand for 5-30 minutes and pick-up excess with a wet vacuum or mop. Scrub grout in highly soiled areas prior to removing excess liquid. Do not rinse unless repeating the application. Repeat procedure for 7 days. Daily Cleaning: Dilute 1.5 oz. per US gallon with hot tap water (10ml/liter) (less than 140oF/60oC) (1:100). Wet mop as usual. Do not rinse.


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