Citrus Clean

Heavy duty multi-surface cleaner degreaser Biodegradable ingredients

CITRUS CLEAN is a versatile heavy duty citrus D-limonene based degreaser designed to remove tough stains and soils.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300364-4cs 841728104072 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

CITRUS CLEAN is a high performing, natural citrus D-limonene cleaner degreaser formulated with biodegradable ingredients. This versatile, low VOC formula can be safely used on hard, non-porous surfaces and will remove rubber marks, print stains, heavy sludge, carbon deposits and grease. CITRUS CLEAN is a perfect degreaser for heavy duty tasks such as cleaning work bays, floors, metal parts and stubborn soils.


Clear liquid






Fresh orange



Directions for Use

General Cleaning:
Apply with spray bottle, cleaning cloth or pressure washer. Stubborn soils may require agitation or brushing. Rinse surface or equipment with water.
Light soiling: Use a 1:64 dilution of CITRUS CLEAN (16 ml/litre) (2 oz/gallon).
Moderate soiling: Use a 1:20 dilution of CITRUS CLEAN (50 ml/litre) (6.4 oz/gallon).
Moderate to heavy soiling: Use a 1:5 dilution of CITRUS CLEAN (200 ml/litre) (25 oz/gallon).
Heavy duty soiling: Use a 1:2 dilution of CITRUS CLEAN (500 ml/litre) (64 oz/gallon). Do not use full strength on water-based paints.


  • Hard, non-porous surfaces

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