Coast 309

Heavy duty degreaser Highly concentrated

COAST 309 is a low foaming industrial degreaser and cleaner.



Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1400375-18.9 841728104126 18.9L Pail

Production Specifications

COAST 309 is a highly concentrated, low foaming heavy duty degreaser that quickly cleans and degreases engine parts, vehicle maintenance floors, machine shop floors, underground parking lots and asphalt floors. COAST 309 also works well in food processing plants for cleaning and degreasing floor, warehouse and storage areas. Additionally, COAST 309is excellent for transportation equipment maintenance and locomotive cleaning where carbon dust residue is difficult to remove.











Directions for Use

Heavy Duty Grease and Oil Build-Up: Apply undiluted Coast 309.

Mild Grease AND Oil Build-Up: Use 26-42 oz per US gallon of water (200-325 ml/litre) (1:3-5).

Pre -Soak Foaming Arch: Use 6.5 oz per US gallon of water (50 ml/litre) (1:20).

Automatic Scrubbers and Pail and Brush Cleaning: Use 1 – 2 oz per US gallon of water (8-16 ml/litre) (1:64 -1:128).

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