Carpet pre-spray Upholstery cleaner

GLADIATOR is a high preforming pre-spray carpet and upholstery cleaner for high traffic areas.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300545-4cs 841728104393 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

GLADIATOR has a fast acting group of emulsifiers that lessens dwell time and reduces the effort taken on stubborn high traffic areas. GLADIATOR aggressively attacks oils and grease ground into all styles carpets. This innovative formula will drastically decrease the need for recalls and time spent on the job.


Clear liquid


Light yellow







Directions for Use

Vacuum carpet thoroughly before beginning cleaning process.

Pump Up or Power Sprayer: Mix 4 fl.oz. (188 mL) per 1 US gallon hot water (3.78 L) (1:32)

Hydro-force™ Sprayer: 4:1 Dilution (no tip) – Mix 19 fl.oz. (565 mL) of GLADIATOR into Hydro-force jug and fill with warm to hot water. 8:1 Dilution (yellow tip) – Mix 35 fl.oz. (1 L) of GLADIATOR into Hydro-force jug and fill with warm to hot water.

For Best Results: Apply diluted GLADIATOR to carpet and rake to loosen matted carpet fibres. Allow 10 to 15 minutes dwell time. Extract carpet with carpet extraction cleaner such as BLAST, according to label instructions.

Caution: Before application, pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Dilution may vary depending on soil conditions. Do not walk barefoot on wet carpet. Dispose of unused solutions according to applicable local and federal regulations. Read SDS before use.

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