Multi-purpose cleaner degreaser Pine-scented deodorizer

INTERN is a quat-based cleaner degreaser designed for a variety of cleaning and sanitizing jobs.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300625-4cs 841728105406 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

INTERN is a multi-purpose quaternary compound-based formula designed to clean, sanitize and deodorize a multitude of surfaces leaving a fresh pine scent. Used to clean and deodorize areas including washrooms, toilets, garbage receptacles and to tackle tough soils from grease, oil stains or smoke damage. INTERN is also an effective sanitizer for a variety of surfaces including food contact surfaces. It is safe to use on hard surfaces such as walls, stainless steel, plastics, laminates, vinyl, porcelain, slate or fiberglass.


Clear liquid


Light blue







Directions for Use

General Cleaning:
Fill spray bottle or mop bucket with INTERN at 100ml per litre of water (13 oz/gallon) (1:10). Apply and wipe surface with damp microfiber cloth or mop. Surfaces in direct food contact must be rinsed with potable water.
Heavy Duty Spot Cleaning and Smoke Damaged Surfaces: Fill spray bottle with INTERN at full strength and wipe surface with a damp microfiber cloth. Add dwell time for tough to clean areas.

Floor Cleaning: Use 12.5ml per litre of water (1.6 oz/gallon) (1:80) for wet mopping or auto scrubbing.

Carpet traffic lane pre-spray for oil and stain removal: Use 50ml per litre of water (6.5 oz/gallon) (1:20) and apply with a garden type pump sprayer.

No- rinse sanitizer for food contact surface: 200ppm active QUATS. Dilute 1 part Intern with 30 parts water. (32mL/litre)(4 fl. oz per US gal.)A suitable concentration/ppm testing method must be available and used regularly to ensure correct sanitizer levels. Sanitized surface must be air-dried.

FOR USE IN FOOD PLANTS: All food should be removed or covered prior to use and food contact surfaces are to be thoroughly rinsed with potable water so there will be no contamination of food as a result of its use.

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