Max P.O.G Spotter

Wet and dry laundry spotter Ready to use

MAX P.O.G SPOTTER  is a non volatile concentrated paint, oil and grease fabric spotter.


Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1200660-12cs 841728106045 12x 1L

Production Specifications

MAX P.O.G SPOTTER (Paint, Oil, & Grease) is a non-volatile wet and dry spotter. MAX P.O.G SPOTTER quickly penetrates beneath the spot and creates a suspension between the spot and the fibre allowing insoluble material to be skidded off and removed. MAX P.O.G SPOTTER is a ready-to-use formula that is effective on gums, paints, makeup and oily soils. Very little is needed for optimum results.


Clear liquid









Directions for Use

Do not dilute, use full strength.

Apply a minimal amount of MAX P.O.G SPOTTER directly to the soiled area with a flip cap applicator or by moistening a clean white towel. Using a tamping brush, tamp the affected area to agitate. Blot with clean white towel working from the outside-in to prevent spreading of the spot or stain.

It is recommended that Dry Solvent be applied to the treated area, then absorbed with a dry, clean white towel to remove any MAX P.O.G SPOTTER residue. Do not mix MAX P.O.G SPOTTER with any other chemical product.

NOTE: Before application, pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area

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