Nature’s Orange

Carpet cleaning additive Deodorizer

NATURE’S ORANGE is a citrus scented odour counteractant that eliminates persistent malodours.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300717-4cs 841728106496 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

NATURE’s ORANGE leaves the home or commercial cleaning location with the clean and subtle fragrance of an orange grove. NATURE’s ORANGE can be added to a freshwater tank or diluted in a trigger sprayer for refreshing any area with a pleasing odour. It is ideal for all cleaning situations where a persistent malodour is present and will enhance the atmosphere of the location.


Clear liquid









Directions for Use

General use: Use full strength when cleaning urinals, toilets, garbage receptacles and dumpsters to remove offensive odours.

Odour Control Additive: Use 1 oz of Nature’s Orange per US gallon of diluted cleaning solution (8 ml/litre) (1:128), or more depending on requirements.

Rooms and spray applications: Use 3 oz. of Nature’s Orange per 1 quart water in a trigger sprayer (94 ml/946 ml water in trigger sprayer) (1:10) and spray lightly into the air. Nature’s Orange is very effective and will not stain sheets, drapes or clothing. Do not spray undiluted Nature’s Orange.

NOTE: Please test the area to be cleaned for colour fastness before use. Use a cotton swab to dot Nature’s Orange on an inconspicuous spot on the area, allow the spot the dry completely. If you see any changes in the colour or transfer of colour from the area to the swab, do not use Nature’s Orange on this area.

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