Floor finish 25% solid

OPTIBRITE is a fast drying, durable, resilient floor finish with extensive coverage that can be used on a variety of flooring types.


Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300822-18.9 841728106380 18.9L Pail 1300822-4cs 841728106373 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

OPTIBRITE’s exceptional coverage, durability and fast dry times makes it the choice of informed cleaning professionals. OPTIBRITE’s patented technology provides a unique combination of film hardness and resilience with an undetectable level of odor. OPTIBRITE™ can be used on most types of resilient flooring such as linoleum, marmoleum, vinyl sheet and vinyl composite tile.




Milky white




Mild, no added fragrance



Directions for Use

Preparation: Remove old finish with a quality stripper like #1 REMOVER as per label directions.

When floor is clean and dry, thin coats of OPTIBRITE™ can be applied allowing a minimum of 10 minutes between coats.

OPTIBRITE™ can be used without a sealer. However, on a porous floor, it is beneficial to apply 2 coats of a premium semi -permanent sealer like Maxim’s HOLDOUT.

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