Chlorinated cleaner Self foaming

PROGRESS is a liquid chlorinated foaming cleaner for food plants and equipment.



Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1401060-18.9 841728102788 18.9L Pail 1401060-208 841728102931 208L Drum


Production Specifications

PROGRESS’s proprietary blend of surfactants & chlorine bleach provides exceptional foaming and cleaning power that serves as a one-step solution in meat, fish, beverage and dairy facilities. PROGRESS is specially formulated as a heavy-duty cleaner that ensures complete rinsing and does not leave a film residue on processing equipment. PROGRESS is exceptional for removal of grease, oil, starch, protein, blood and fish processing residues.


Clear liquid


Pale yellow




Mild chlorine odour



Directions for Use

Foam Units: Use 15-30 ml per litre of water (2-4 oz per US gallon) (1:64-1:32). Using warm or hot water will enhance cleaning power. At these dilutions, 405-810 ppm of chlorine is available.

Hot Soak: Use 45-60 ml per litre of water (6-8 oz per US gallon) (1:22-1:16) by volume with hot water. At these dilutions, 1215-1620 ppm of chlorine is available.

Pressure Spray: Use 4-8 ml per litre of water (0.5-1 oz per US gallon) (1:256-1:128) by volume with water. At these dilutions, 108-216 ppm of chlorine is available.

At least 100ppm of chlorine is required to use as a food contact, non-porous hard surface sanitizer. Ensure surfaces are cleaned (i.e. organic matter and debris are removed) prior to sanitizing. A suitable concentration/ppm testing method must be available and used regularly to ensure correct sanitizer levels. Sanitized surface must be air-dried.


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