Prozyme Liquid Laundry

Enzyme laundry detergent Highly concentrated

PROZYME LIQUID LAUNDRY is a enzyme based low temperature laundry detergent.


Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1201100-18.9 841728101286 18.9L Pail

Production Specifications

PROZYME LIQUID LAUNDRY is a highly concentrated laundry detergent that will digest most types of stains. PROZYME LIQUID LAUNDRY is effective at lower temperatures and in quick washes thanks to the variety of enzymes in the formulation. PROZYME LIQUID LAUNDRY contains proteases – to remove protein stains, lipases – to break down oil stains, amylases – to remove food stains and cellulases – to remove dirt and keep fabrics smooth.


Hazy liquid






Fruity citrus



Directions for Use

Light Soil: 60 – 90 ml per 45kg of linen

Heavy Soil: 120 – 180 ml per 45kg of linen

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