High gloss floor finish Fast drying

SHEERGLOSS is a long lasting, low maintenance floor finish (20%).


Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300990-18.9 841728102832 18.9L Pail 1300990-4cs 841728102825 4x 3.78L

Production Specifications

SHEERGLOSS floor finish produces a crystal clear long wearing coating that will reduce yellowing and resist scuffing. SHEERGLOSS’ long life reduces the need for frequent stripping while extending the film life between re-coats. SHEERGLOSS can be used on most types of resilient flooring such as linoleum, marmoleum, vinyl sheet and vinyl composite tile. SHEERGLOSS’ fast drying formula minimizes time between coats and down time of re-coating




Milky white




Mild, no added fragrance



Directions for Use

A sealer is not required, but if you have a very porous floor it may be advantageous to apply HOLDOUT semi -permanent sealer. Two coats are often sufficient.

Preparation: Strip the floor with #1 REMOVER then pick up spent solution with a mop or wetvac making sure solution does not dry. Rinse floor with NEUTRAMAX as per label instructions.


1.Use a clean finish mop, either fine string or candy striped. Pre-wet with water and wring out mop to conserve finish.

2.Apply 4-5 even coats of SHEERGLOSS. More may be required if you have an un-sealed, porous floor or need a good base to propane burnish.

3.Immerse mop in finish. Do not wring your mop but press firmly into wringer to remove excess finish.


1.Dust floor with treated dust mop.

2.Clean floor by damp mopping or with an auto scrubber using Maxim’s neutral detergent, NEUTRAMAX, as per label instructions.

3.Spray buff or burnish as desired.

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