Aviation wash detergent Aviation degreaser

SKYBRITE is an approved water-based aircraft cleaner.



Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1401225-18.9 841728105819 18.9L Pail 1401225-208r 841728104751 208L Drum

Production Specifications

SKYBRITE is formulated specifically to remove greasy, carbon-based soils, including “Skydrol” residues, from aircraft surfaces. SKYBRITE is an approved water-based cleaner that contains no petroleum solvents or thinners that would violate Rule 66 Codes or sewer discharge standards.


Clear liquid






Slight solvent



Directions for Use

SKYBRITE is best used at 6.5 to 25.5 oz per gallon of water (50 to 200 ml/litre) (1:20 to 1:4), either by low pressure spray or foam-on application. For best results, apply SKYBRITE solutions uniformly to the aircraft surface and allow 5 to 15 minutes contact time before rinsing. Heavy oil or grease deposits may need additional scrubbing and/or a stronger concentration of product.

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