Smokehouse and bottle cleaner Heavy duty

SMOKLEEN is a fast acting, carbon residue cleaner &  degreaser.



Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1401280-18.9 841728105208 18.9L Pail


Production Specifications

SMOKLEEN is an effective, fast-acting smokehouse and bottle cleaner. SMOKLEEN can be used to clean baked-on carbon and grease, from smokehouses, deep fryers, grills and commercial BBQs, SMOKLEEN is effective on most appliances in a commercial kitchen setting.


Clear liquid


Dark brown




Mild, indistinct


Strong alkaline

Directions for Use

Bottle Washing: Use 3 to 6 litres of Smokleen for each 100 litres of water (3 to 6 gallons per 100 gallons of water.)

Smoke House Cleaning: Use 18 to 35 ml Smokleen per litre of water. (3 to 6 fluid ounces per gallon of water). If additional foam is required, add foam aid.

Uses: Smokleen is formulated to remove grease and smoke deposits from smoke houses in the packing industry. The proprietary blend of surfactants provides exceptional foaming and detergency.

For Use in Food Plants: All food should be removed or covered prior to use and food contact surfaces are to be thoroughly rinsed with potable water so there will be no contamination of food as a result of its use.

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