#1 Remover

High performance floor stripper Fast acting formula

#1 REMOVER is a maximum performance floor stripper.

Variation de l’emballage

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1300531-18.9 841728101705 18.9L Pail 1300531-4cs 841728101729 4x 3.78L

Spécifications du Produit

#1 REMOVER is a maximum performance floor stripper that breaks down existing floor finishes and non-permanent sealers. #1 REMOVER can be used on a variety of flooring such as resilient tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, vinyl and vinyl composites.


Clear liquid









Mode d'emploi

Test flooring compatibility with #1 REMOVER before use. Apply a few drops of #1 REMOVER to the flooring in a hidden area. Wait a few minutes then rinse. Make sure the product does not damage your flooring.


1.Dust mop entire surface to be stripped.

2.Dilute #1 REMOVER with cold or warm water (refer to the dilution ratio below). Apply this dilution to an area approximately 10 ft x 10 ft and allow 5 minutes for #1 REMOVER to liquefy the finish. Do not permit the stripper to dry on the floor.

3.Scrub thoroughly with a floor machine and a blue or black pad. If you do not have a machine, agitate with a mop or doodle bug holder and a pad – longer dwell times may be required.

4.Pick up the solution with a wet-vac, auto-scrubber or mop and rinse the floor with NeutraMax at a dilution of 1 oz per US gallon of cold water (8 ml/liter) (1:128).

Heavy finish build-up: Use 26 oz per US gallon of water (200 ml/litre) (1:5).

Light finish build-up: Use 13 oz per US gallon of water (100 ml/litre) (1:10).

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