Oven & Grill

Oven and grill cleaner Alkaline liquid detergent

OVEN & GRILL is a ready to use commercial kitchen appliance cleaner degreaser


Variation de l’emballage

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1100435-4cs 841728104737 4 x 3.78L

Spécifications du Produit

OVEN & GRILL is a ready to use oven , deep fryer and barbecue grill cleaner that is safe on iron, steel, stainless steel, porcelain and glass. OVEN & GRILL eliminates the need to use grill stones. It may be used to clean canopies, exhaust hoods, deep fryers and other carbonized surfaces.











Mode d'emploi

WARNING: DO NOT USE on aluminum, copper, brass or zinc surfaces. Cover all electrical connections.

Grill or Griddles:

1.Pre- heat grill or griddle to 81C (177F) then shut off.

2.Spray undiluted product onto warm surface and allow to penetrate surface (2-4 minutes).

3.Wipe off solution with a cloth. Rinse with water thoroughly.

4.Apply a thin coat of food grade shortening to prevent surface from rusting.

Commercial Ovens:

1.Pre- heat oven to 81C (177F) then shut off.

2.Use a brush apply undiluted OVEN & GRILL directly to oven walls, racks, burners and glass.

3.Let solution work for 5-15 minutes.

4.Use a soft nylon scrubbing pad to apply light agitation.

5.Wipe off solution with a cloth. Rinse with water thoroughly.

Deep Fryers:

1.Empty the deep fryer completely.

2.Remove excess grease with a scraper or potable water.

3.Fill Basin of fryer to 10cm (4”) from the top with cold water.

4.Add 1 part of OVEN & GRILL to 30-40 parts water and boil for 30 min (1:30 – 32mL per litre, 4 fl. oz per gallon, 1:40 – 24.4mL per litre, 3.1 fl. oz per gallon).

5.Empty basin and scrub off any greasy residue carefully while the basin is still warm.

6.Dry the basin and rinse residue with a lot of water.

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