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Designed for the future

Creating naturally...stronger and safer cleaning solutions.

Project Clean is a cleaning solutions manufacturer that provides customers with superior cleaning solutions for retail, commercial and industrial markets. As a company, our priority is to ensure that our research & development, expertise, and solutions offer assistance to our customers in achieving cleaner, healthier, safer work environments.

Designed for People and the Environment.

Since our initial Save Green™ environmental-friendly product launch in 1982, nearly three decades before the global sustainability movement, we continue to pursue our goal to bring customers the very best technologies in our industry.

Meet DailyTrio

We’ve taken out the guesswork by creating a simple solution to address the basic daily cleaning needs of a variety of industry sectors. Whether you are purchasing for institutions or looking for greener, safer and healthier cleaning solutions for your employees and customers, we have a DailyTrio™ specially designed for you.

Our Products

Our ever-growing Project Clean® premium line cleaning solutions embodies our focus on environmentally-friendly solutions for safer and healthier work environments.

Our Certifications

Contact Us

Contact us for more information on our products and programs and get started with your new cleaning solution. 

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