We are Project Clean.


We create a naturally better tomorrow.

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The future is Clean

We don’t think green. We think future.

We believe the earth is ours to protect, that product efficiency and the health of our planet are not mutually exclusive, and that together we’ll set a standard for future generations to follow... and surpass.

We don’t just make products that work - we work hard to make them gentle on the planet. We provide solutions that help companies meet their aspirational goals. We inspire others to do what matters now, so that we build a legacy of positive impact.

A healthier world isn’t a far-off fantasy.

We are Project Clean.

We create a naturally better tomorrow.

Who we are

Project Clean enables businesses to leave a legacy of positive impact. Our cleaning solutions are for the business owner who wants to support their staff with powerfully effective and easy-to-use products and systems. Offering a truly frictionless experience, our products are designed to solve sanitation challenges while reducing harm to the environment.

OUR History

Project Clean’s roots in soap making and cleaning go back to the 1940s, and we’ve been leading the way on replacing harmful ingredients in our formulations for over 70 years. We were ‘green’ before it was a thing.

Our commitment to creating non-toxic, biodegradable, and concentrated products started in the late 60s, and we continue to look forward with environmental stewardship driving our operations.


Make the earth a cleaner place to live, today and tomorrow, by creating cleaning products that ensure the health, wellness, and safety of all life.




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