We’ve taken out the guesswork by creating a simple solution to address the basic daily cleaning needs of a variety of industry sectors and facility areas. By bundling three complimentary cleaning products in a ready-to-go cleaning program to clean select areas, we’ve made it easy for you to maintain a clean and healthy space. Whether you are purchasing for institutions or looking for greener, safer and healthier cleaning solutions for your employees and customers, we have a DailyTrio® specially designed for you.

Explore our DailyTrio® purpose-built bundles

Breakroom Trio

This DailyTrio® is perfect for easy cleanup of your breakroom, lunchroom or any public place where employees gather to enjoy a meal, take a break or simply get together. ALL CLEAN RTU is an all-purpose solution that is gentle on the planet while NO RINSE SANITIZER ensures that your surfaces are germ-free. Paired with POT & PAN CLEAN dish liquid, this trio provides your team with a clean and safe environment to gather and connect.

Clinic Trio™

Our Clinic Trio™ gives you peace of mind by taking care of the basic daily cleaning needs of your practice. ECOLOGO® Certified ALL CLEAN RTU and GLASS & SURFACE CLEAN RTU are gentle yet effective multi-purpose cleaners that will leave your surfaces clean and streak-free. While RTU DISINFECTANT is proven to kill germs with its powerful formula, keeping your medical office clean, safe and healthy for staff and patients alike.

Kitchen Trio™

This food prep area program is an easy solution to keep your kitchen clean and safe for everyone. You can rely on ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN’s dual cleaning action for your floors, especially in commercial kitchens where appearance and safety are a concern. POT & PAN CLEAN’s biodegradable formula will leave your dishes clean and streak-free while remaining gentle on the environment. With NO RINSE SANITIZER, a proven germ-killer, you and your guests can rest assured that cross-contamination is kept at bay, leaving everyone to safely enjoy their dining experience.

Natural Trio™

Our ECOLOGO® Certified, plant-based Natural Trio™ helps you keep your spaces clean and smelling fresh, while remaining gentle on the environment. ALL CLEAN NATURAL RTU and GLASS & SURFACE CLEAN NATURAL RTU will leave streak-free results on all your hard surfaces. While WASHROOM CLEAN NATURAL RTU will clean all your washroom surfaces in one easy step.

Office Trio™

Our Office Trio™ gives you peace of mind by taking care of the basic daily cleaning needs of your office. To keep your windows, desks and other hard surfaces clean and spotless, you can rely on GLASS & SURFACE CLEAN’s gentle and effective power. ODOUR CLEAN RTU’s natural biological ingredients will remove, and not mask, any offensive odour. While BIODEGRADABLE DISINFECTANT is proven to kill germs with its powerful formula, keeping your office clean, safe and healthy.

Washroom Trio™

Our ECOLOGO® Certified Washroom Trio™ offers a simple program to neutralize unpleasant odours while leaving surfaces gleaming. WASHROOM CLEAN’s non-toxic, mild acidic formula and BOWL CLEAN’s active cleaning action deliver an efficient one-step clean. While MOISTURIZING HANDWASH’s pearlized formula will keep your hands feeling smooth and clean.

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