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With over 60 years of designing and creating cleaning solutions for institutional and industrial markets, we offer a comprehensive selection of products to meet your cleaning needs and assist you in achieving your goals. Explore our ever-growing selection as we work to innovate our industry toward sustainable cleaning solutions.

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COMBAT is a highly concentrated, heavy duty, alkaline detergent for automatic machine washing of cutlery, dishes, glasses, plasticwares, pots and pans. 

Combat: Promax

Kitchen Care

CUTLERY PRE-SOAK is a white, granular compound specifically designed to pre-soak or wash silver and other delicate metal objects adversely affected by chemicals such as chlorine. 

DAZZLE PLUS is a chlorinated, powdered commercial dishwasher detergent designed for fast and efficient dishwashing. 

GREASE CUTTER is a specially formulated, non-caustic kitchen canopy and surface cleaner. 

ICE MACHINE CLEANER is a liquid de-scaler used to clean commercial and institutional ice machines. It eliminates impurities that can cause a bad taste, opacity and odour in flake or cube ice. 

LEMON DISH is a manual dishwashing liquid designed to remove grease and oils. 

Lemon Dish: Promax

Kitchen Care

LIQUID DISH is a hand dishwashing liquid designed to remove grease and oils, while remaining gentle on hands. 

LIQUID PRE-SOAK is a specially formulated, highly concentrated pre-soak designed to loosen food soil from stainless steel cutlery and porcelain to provide optimum results. 

MAX PRO DETERGENT is a highly concentrated, heavy duty alkaline detergent for automatic machine washing of cutlery, dishes, glasses, plasticwares, pots and pans. 

MAX PRO RINSE is a liquid rinse additive which is metered into the final rinse of the dishwashing machine cycle leaving dishes and cutlery spotless and streak-free. 

MAX PRO SAN is a highly concentrated, bleach solution designed to be automatically dispensed into the rinse cycle of dishwashing machines. 

MUSCLE RINSE is a concentrated liquid rinse additive containing wetting agents that greatly reduce the surface tension of the rinse water producing spot-free, sparkling dishes and cutlery. 

OVEN & GRILL CLEANER is a ready to use grill cleaner which is safe on iron, steel, stainless steel, porcelain and glass. 

PINK SAN is a low foaming, chlorinated pre-soak and destainer sanitizer containing 3% available chlorine. 

Pink San: Promax

Kitchen Care

POT & PAN CLEAN is a manual dishwashing liquid designed to remove grease and oils.

Pot & Pan Clean

Kitchen Care

We’ve taken out the guesswork by creating a simple solution to address the basic daily cleaning needs of a variety of industry sectors and facility areas. By bundling three complimentary cleaning products in a ready-to-go cleaning program to clean select areas, we’ve made it easy for you to maintain a clean and healthy space.

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A successful cleaning program means more than simply using the right cleaning products and tools. By combining our industry experience and knowledge, we’ve designed our Clean Safe® training program to support customers with the information, tools and skills essential to developing the optimal maintenance program no matter your needs.

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