Dazzle Plus: Promax

Dish machine detergent De-stains

DAZZLE PLUS is a chlorinated, powdered commercial dishwasher detergent designed for fast and efficient dishwashing. 

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1100202-3kg 841728104232 3 KG

Production Specifications

DAZZLE PLUS is a chlorinated, powdered dishwasher detergent designed for fast and efficient dishwashing. Specially formulated for use in soft or hard water, DAZZLE PLUS provides a unique blend of detergent to give sparkling clean dishes, cutlery, glasses, plastics, pots, and pans. This product is suitable for use in all types of mechanical commercial dishwashers. 











Directions for Use

For Best Results:  

  1. Load Dishes Properly: Soiled dishes should face spray. Do not block spray to top rack. 

      2.  Fill All Dispenser Cups. 

Avoid dishwasher damage by separating stainless steel from sterling silver. Do not spill detergent powder directly on dishes or flatware.  

Delicate Items: Check manufacturer’s instructions. 

NOTE: Check water heater temperature. Optimal water temperature is 60°C (140°F). 

FOR USE IN FOOD PLANTS: All food should be removed or covered prior to use and food contact surfaces are to be thoroughly rinsed with potable water so there will be no contamination of food as a result of its use. 


  • Glassware 
  • Silverware 
  • Dishware 
  • Cookware 
  • Appliances 
  • Pots & Pans 

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