The Company

Founded in 1948, Project Clean is a Canadian cleaning solutions manufacturer dedicated to providing our customers with superior cleaning products for retail, commercial and industrial markets. Our focus is on accelerating our industry’s transition towards sustainable cleaning solutions through innovation that creates long-term value for all stakeholders.

Our Innovation Strategy

Smart Chemistry

Manufacturing Process

Customer Solutions

Resource Efficiency

  • Maintain a comprehensive inventory of chemical ingredients in our products
  • Manage risks to human health & safety and the environment
  • Engage in green chemistry innovation that goes beyond industry standards
  • Streamline operating systems to improve production process efficiency
  • Transition Project Clean to run on 100% green renewable energy at all facilities
  • Engage in high quality manufacturing through certification programs
  • Provide tailored programs to assist our customers reach their goals beyond facility maintenance and cleaning
  • Enhance customer experience to provide long-term value
  • Engage in collaborative product and program development to address industry challenges
  • Reduce pre and post-production waste to move towards zero waste
  • Design our products to reduce material and transition to recycled or renewable content
  • Water management efficiency to protect our watersheds and biodiversity

Our Story

Back to the Origins

Project Clean’s historical legacy takes root in the Savolite Soap Company founded in 1948 in Vancouver, Canada. The name Savolite draws its origin from the French word for soap, “savon”, and from the suffix “lite” or “light” which was borrowed from the popular Lever Brothers’ Sunlight Soap. At the time, the company specialized in industrial laundry detergent and competed in a market that was dominated by large companies such as Procter & Gamble, Lever Brothers and Colgate-Palmolive. By the early 1970’s, Savolite Soap became a leading brand in Western Canada.

Keys to Success

By segregating the whitest tallow and doubling their soap drying cycle, Savolite produced the purest laundry soap on the market. This created a longer-lasting quality product which the company supported through quality customer service and training in proper dispensing and cleaning techniques. This comprehensive approach to manufacturing and distributing laid the foundation for the company that Project Clean is today.

Today & Moving Forward

From its roots in the Savolite Soap Company, Project Clean has come a long way from making laundry soap to now manufacturing cleaning solutions for a large variety of industry sectors. To this day, the company stays true to its principles of manufacturing for quality while developing the safest solutions possible for its makers, users and the environment.

Our Reach

We have come a long way from only servicing Canada’s Westcoast. With our Head Office in Hamilton, ON, and several manufacturing facilities we have expended our reach to provide our cleaning solutions from the Pacific to the Atlantic in both Canada and the United States.

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The Team

Our talented and diverse team may be spread across North America, but we are closely connected as we work together towards a single purpose. We welcome and celebrate all who want to join us on our mission for a cleaner, healthier and safer future for all.

Interested in joining our team to innovate the industry?

We believe in equal opportunity and advancement for all our employees and are dedicated to their growth through our employee experience program.

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