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Our Purpose

Designed for the future.

Creating naturally...stronger and safer cleaning solutions

At Project Clean, our purpose is clear. We dedicate ourselves to creating naturally…stronger and safer cleaning solutions because we believe in a brighter and better future for all. The Earth and all its communities are ours to protect so our offering is simple: everyday products that are strong, efficient, gentle on the environment and safe for people.

Our Values


We believe in valuing different perspectives and experiences to expand our understanding. Empathy teaches us not only to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes… but to walk in them.


We believe in cultivating a supportive network where love, trust and respect are at the forefront. Connection reminds us that success is shared and that through collaboration we can achieve greatness.


We believe in fostering new ideas and dare to dream of a better future for all life. Courage pushes us to stand by what we believe and to be unafraid to do the right thing.


We believe our actions shape how we interact with the world. Kindness guides us to be mindful of our family, friends, employees and customers and to ultimately create a legacy of positive impact for people and the planet.

Our Story

Back to the origins.
Project Clean’s historical legacy takes root in the Savolite Soap Company which was founded in 1948 in Vancouver, Canada. The name Savolite draws its origin from the French word for soap, “savon”, and from the suffix “lite” or “light” which was borrowed from the popular Lever Brothers’ Sunlight Soap.

At the time competition in the industrial laundry cleaning market was stiff. Large companies such as Procter & Gamble, Lever Brothers and Colgate-Palmolive dominated the industry. However, by the early 1970’s, Savolite Soap made its way to the top and became the dominant laundry soap company in all of Western Canada.
Key to success.
The Savolite Soap Company also owned a rendering company. By segregating the whitest tallow and doubling their soap drying cycle, they produced the purest laundry soap on the market. This created a longer lasting quality product and it was only a matter of time before the Savolite Soap Company took over the market as far as it could ship.

As the company grew, products were also supported with quality customer service which included training in proper dispensing and cleaning techniques. This comprehensive approach to manufacturing and distributing laid the foundation for the company that Project Clean is today.
Today and moving forward.
From its roots in the Savolite Soap Company, Project Clean has come a long way from making laundry soap to now manufacturing cleaning solutions for a large variety of industry sectors. To this day, the company stays true to its principles of manufacturing only to the highest quality and developing only the safest solutions possible for its makers, users and the environment.

How We Innovate

Cutting-edge technologies for a cleaner & healthier future.

We seek and invest in the best science so our technology is at the forefront of our industry.

Our success in designing and creating superior cleaning solutions stems from over 50 years of research and partnerships. Through the Creation Lab™ at Project Clean, we have a long-standing history of revolutionizing cleaning solutions to better fulfill customers’ needs. Our team of dedicated scientists and researchers work diligently to implement emerging technologies and bring customers the best in the industry.

Creating with nature

Redesigning solutions with better ingredients and saying goodbye to fossil-fuels.

We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that in manufacturing our products we are caring of people and the environment. Through R&D at the Creation Lab, our team is tirelessly working to innovate new ingredients, new formulas and new products to reduce our dependency on fossil-fuels. Our bio-based selection of products is ever-growing without depleting our planet’s valuable natural resources.

Driving the industry forward with high standards

We have our own standards but let our third-party certifications speak for themselves.

At Project Clean, we are adamant about keeping both people and the environment free of harmful substances and we go through great lengths to ban and restrict hazardous and toxic chemicals from our formulas. In 2007, we established an in-house program to identify, eliminate and reduce harmful substances. But do not take our word for it and look to our third-party certifications to see that our claims are substantiated and audited by the most stringent and comprehensive third-party standards in the industry.

How We Produce

Designed for People and the Environment.

With a long-standing history of developing innovative cleaning solutions, Project Clean’s dedication to best practices is at the very core of every initiative.

Since our initial SavGreen™ environmentally-friendly product launch in 1982, nearly three decades before the global sustainability movement, we continue to pursue our goal to bring customers the very best technologies in our industry.  Our Project Clean premium line features a wide array of ECOLOGO® Certified products. 

Better for the environment.

Redesigning solutions with better ingredients and saying goodbye to fossil-fuels.

For us “better for the environment” does not just mean greening our product lines. It means re-thinking the way we do business. It is a commitment to streamlining our operations by accounting for its environmental impact and adopting a long-term approach to business. This means educating stakeholders about sustainable best-practices and inspiring behavioural change so we can collaboratively work towards a better future for all.

Our best-practices

Better for the people who make them.

Our employees are part of an extended family that spreads all across North America.

We are committed to provide safe working conditions for the people who make our products. Reducing and eliminating harmful chemicals, Occupational Health & Safety in-house training and regulating manufacturing protocols are all part of ensuring a safe working environment for our employees and ensuring the wellbeing of our workforce.

Project Clean Floor Care Trio

Better for the people who use them.

Our customers’ health and safety are at the forefront of our work, because no one spends more time with our products than the people who use them.

Our Creation Lab™ is continually working on innovating new technologies to reduce and eliminate harmful chemicals from formulas. We have developed our own stringent Project Clean Materials Standard which bans and restricts known harmful ingredients from ever being used in our products. However, greening our cleaning solutions is just addressing one part of the equation. So, to further support our customers, we launched our CleanSafe® Training Program educating our customers and anyone in the industry on proper san-jan procedures and techniques. We have certified thousands of individuals how to properly sanitize for safer and healthier environments.

To Our Clients

As a leading cleaning solutions manufacturer of superior brands, we take pride in the products and services we provide. Our expertise in the cleaning industry and innovative R&D, paired with our full-service support allows our distributors and customers to rest assured that everyone is satisfied with our brands.

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