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Bowl Clean

Bowl Clean is a powerful toilet and washroom cleaner with hard water tolerance.

PRODUCT SKU: A100840-12cy / A100840-4c22
  • ECOLOGO® Certified
  • Cleans and removes rust and scale
  • Safe for chrome or brass
  • No strong acid smell


Physical Data

Clear gel









BOWL CLEAN is a powerful toilet, urinal and restroom cleaner with non-corrosive ingredients. It makes flushing away unsightly grime and dirt an easy task. BOWL CLEAN has a stable hard water tolerance that delivers effective cleaning action even in hard water conditions. It can also be used on all bathroom fixtures including chrome and brass fixtures.


BOWL CLEAN should be used at full strength. Do not use on marble. Before application, pre-test in an inconspicuous area. Toilets: Lower bowl water level by forcing water over trap with bowl mop or by pouring in a pail of water. Saturate bowl mop with 2 to 3 oz. (60-90 ml) of BOWL CLEAN and swab entire bowl thoroughly especially under flush rings. Flush and rinse mop. Fixtures, Tile & Grout: Apply BOWL CLEAN with a cloth or brush, wipe surfaces clean and rinse thoroughly. Urinals: Use BOWL CLEAN around urinal rim. Swab entire urinal and then flush.


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