Washroom Clean

WASHROOM CLEAN is a complete, safe-acid washroom and fixture cleaner.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size A100710-4cs 00841728109053 4 x 3.78L


Production Specifications

WASHROOM CLEAN is a complete washroom and fixture cleaner that keeps basins, showers, bowls, urinals and washroom surfaces clean in one easy step.

This mild acidic solution easily removes soap film, body oils, makeup and mineral deposits, keeping your space clean and spotless. WASHROOM CLEAN can also be used to polish high-gloss surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel and is effective at removing stubborn stains from ceramic tiles and grout.











Directions for Use

Unheated tap water should be used for dilution.

Light Soap, Soap Film and Body Oil Removal: Fill spray bottle or bucket with WASHROOM CLEAN at 32 ml per litre of water (4 oz/gallon) (1:32). Moderate Soil – For removing hard water deposits or heavy soil accumulations: Fill spray bottle or bucket with WASHROOM CLEAN at 63-125 ml per litre of water (8-16 oz/gallon) (1:16-1:8).

Stainless Steel, Partitions and Other Washroom Surfaces: Fill spray bottle or bucket with WASHROOM CLEAN at 63 ml per litre of water (8 oz/gallon) (1:16). Clean then polish using a clean, dry towel.

1. Use a sprayer, hand bucket, swab, brush, microfibre wipe, or mechanical sprayer device and simply apply the solution to the surface and wipe clean.
2. Allow time for the chemical action to begin dissolving soils including hard water deposits.
3. If needed, scrub, using a mild abrasive pad, brush or doodlebug.
4. Rinsing is typically not necessary. Use WASHROOM CLEAN full strength for those hard to clean areas in your washroom

  • Hard surfaces
  • Sinks
  • Urinals
  • Toilet bowls
  • Faucets
  • Shower stalls
  • Trash area & bins
  • Tiles

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