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Floor Finish

Floor Finish is a zinc-free floor finish that combines the most up-to-date advances in polymer technology to give you unsurpassed results.

  • Ecologo® Certified
  • Burnishable Gloss
  • 20% solid
  • Zinc-free


Physical Data



Milky white


No added fragrance





Floor Finish is ideal for any institutional, industrial or hospitality market. Floor Finish can be used on a variety of resilient and non-resilient flooring including vinyl, composite tile, polyvinyl chloride, linoleum, marmoleum, sheet vinyl, quarry tile, terrazzo and concrete. Floor Finish can be used without a sealer; however, on a porous floor it is beneficial to apply additional coats to produce a better base to work on.


1. Remove old finish with Project Clean Floor Stripper. 2. Pick up spent solution with a mop or wet-vac. 3. Rinse floor with floor cleaner. 4. Apply finish with a clean finish mop, either fine string or candy striped. Pre-wet with water and wring out to conserve finish. 5. Apply up to 6 thin, even coats of Floor Finish. 6. Allow 20 minutes average drying time between coats. Drying time will vary with thickness of film, type of floor and relative humidity. Maintain gloss by dust mopping floor daily. Damp mop with a neutral detergent such as Neutral Clean for best results.


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