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Biological degreaser Deep cleans

ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN is a grease lifting solution to keep your floor surface clean. Its unique blend of grease and protein digesting bacteria and enzymes reduces discoloration and unpleasant floor odours.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size A100240-4cs 00841728109473 4 x 3.78L A100240-18.9 00841728108179 18.9L pail


Production Specifications

ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN has a unique blend of bacteria and enzymes to clean floor tile and grout especially in commercial kitchens where appearance and safety are a concern. ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN’s dual cleaning actions penetrate and suspend while not allowing re-depositing on the floor.

With repeated regular cleaning, it will bring most floors back to their original appearance.  ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN does not contain harmful chemicals such as caustics, acids or solvents.  ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN reduces grout discolouration and nauseous floor odours.

ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN is also designed for the heaviest of all cleaning jobs in industrial facilities. It easily removes fats, oils, waxes, inks and greases commonly found in manufacturing plants, food processing plants and warehouses. 


Beige, No colorant added




Fresh Citrus



Directions for Use


ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN should have a one-week shock period for highly soiled or abused floors.

General Cleaning:
Daily cleaning: Fill a mop bucket with ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN at 10 ml per litre with cold tap water (1.5 oz/gallon) (1:100). Wet mop entire floor as usual. Do not rinse.
Deep cleaning:
Initial and heavy-duty cleaning: Fill mop bucket with ALL DEGREASE & CLEAN at 63 ml per litre with cold tap water (8 oz/gallon) (1:16). Sweep floor first, then mop generously on floor surface. Let sit for 5-12 minutes to allow for the solution to penetrate grease and soil and then rinse with hot tap water. Scrub grout in highly soiled areas prior to rinsing. Repeat for 7 days.


  • Grout
  •  Tiles
  • Hard surfaces
  • Floors
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete

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