Max Soft

Laundry softener Eliminates static

MAX SOFT is a anti-static laundry softener that prolongs the life of linens and reduces drying time.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1200670-18.9 841728102092 18.9L

Production Specifications

MAX SOFT consists of a blend of cationic fabric softeners. MAX SOFT is added during the rinse cycle in a laundry washing machine. MAX SOFT releases stress on textiles which is particularly important for natural fibres such as cotton and wool. MAX SOFT also prevents build-up of electrostatic charges, reduces wrinkles on garments, and makes fabrics easier to iron. MAX SOFT softens by coating the surface of the fabric with a layer of electrically charged compound, causing the fibres to “stand up” from the surface thus producing a fluffier and softer texture, it also leaves a pleasant scent.


Opaque liquid









Directions for Use

MAX SOFT can be dispensed directly from the container by your Project Clean Laundry Injection System.

NOTE: Do not use MAX SOFT on microfibre cloths, flameproof children’s clothes, water-resistance items and synthetic fabrics.

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