Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Better for people and the planet

Climate change is the unprecedented challenge of today’s generations. While we have implemented several sustainability initiatives over the last three decades such as developing environmentally preferred cleaning solutions, promoting Green Cleaning practices in the industry and launching container take-back programs, we recognize that more needs to be done. Since 2015 we have consolidated our efforts and deepened our commitment to embed sustainability at the core of our operations. We have taken action to address our greenhouse gas emissions across our facilities and our supply chain by focusing on increasing efficiency and transitioning to low impact renewable energy.

Our Climate Change & Renewable Energy Goals

GOAL 1: Reduce carbon emissions from operations and supply chain

Greenhouse gas emissions are emitted through a variety of company related activities that are both within and outside of operations. Accounting for our company’s carbon footprint is an on-going project that we have prioritized alongside our growth. We work with stakeholders to collect greenhouse gas related data and reduce emissions through initiatives and projects.

GOAL 2: Reduce energy consumption at all facilities

Energy reduction strategies can be as simple as ensuring the equipment is turned off when not in use or be as ambitious as complete retrofits of buildings. Capturing and monitoring the current energy usage is however the first step in understanding where to implement effective reduction strategies. With our manufacturing plants and warehouses being the most energy demanding sites, we are working with a third-party provider to submeter key energy intensive intersections along our production lines to track, measure and manage our consumption.

GOAL 3: Transition all facilities to 100% renewable energy

A key part of our Climate Change & Renewable Energy initiative is powering all our offices, plants and warehouses with renewable energy. Although some of our facilities are in regions where the local power grid provides 100% hydro-generated electricity, we still prefer to purchase renewable energy where possible from ECOLOGO® Certified green energy providers who deliver a combination of wind, solar and low impact hydro power electricity as well as biogas from landfills and water treatment plants. In 2020, our Head Office became our first site to be 100% powered by green renewable energy and as we expand this program, we are proud to be supporting the green energy industry.

GOAL 4: Improve efficiency of operating systems and manufacturing processes

Over the last few years, we have significantly invested in implementing new technologies in our production process as well as a developing training programs for our crews. With real-time production management and manufacturing quality control systems our ability to collect and track data and information as it’s happening has allowed us to eliminate bottlenecks and energy wastage.

Our Environmentally Preferred Solutions

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