Water Footprint & Stewardship

Better for People and the Planet

Water is the lifeblood of our planet and our industry. Although most of the planet surface is water, only 3 percent of it is fresh water. Every year we consume over 4 trillion cubic meters (4 quadrillion litres) of fresh water in agriculture, industry and our homes further stressing our delicate ecosystem and watersheds. We believe that businesses such as ours can play a leading role in mitigating water challenges not just in our own value chain, but also for all stakeholders who rely on this precious resource.

Managing our water footprint and wastewater quality is key in our industry

Over 90 percent of our products contain water, and of these over 90 percent of the ingredients is water. With water not only being the key ingredient in our cleaning solutions, but also being instrumental in the use of our products, it is undeniably the most important natural resource for us to conserve and preserve.

Our water management program areas of focus are:

  • Reduce water consumption in our manufacturing process and facility cleaning procedures
  • Reduce water ratio in our products by increasing formula concentration
  • Reduce employee water consumption at our facilities and at home through water awareness
  • Reduce customers water usage in cleaning programs

When it comes to preserving and protecting our communities’ watersheds, waterways and bodies, we are adamant about ensuring that our facilities and products wastewater is disposed safely and responsibly to reduce any potential impact on the environment.

Our wasterwater and local water protection areas of focus are:

  • Design formulas taking into account ready biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, bioaccumulation and eutrophication
  • Improve manufacturing wastewater quality discharge standards beyond regional regulations
  • Ensure that our material and waste streaming programs divert wastes from potentially polluting waterways and waterbodies.

Our Environmentally Preferred Solutions

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