Smart Chemistry & Renewable Ingredients

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Cleaning chemicals are part of our everyday life and provide sanitation and disinfecting benefits we all use and appreciate. Many types of chemicals are regulated to protect the health and safety of people and the environment, and we believe it is important to adopt a proactive stance to the management of all chemicals.  By engaging in responsible chemistry, we have taken steps towards an all-inclusive approach to assess the impact of chemical ingredients in our products. As we work on deepening our understanding of how and where chemicals used in our product can affect all stakeholders along the product life cycle, we continue to invest in more sustainable alternatives through research and collaboration.

Our Smart Chemistry & Renewable Ingredients Goals

GOAL 1: Eliminate and restrict hazardous and toxic ingredients

Moving towards smart and green chemistry means managing and assessing product ingredients for potential effects on the health and safety of humans and the environment. By maintaining a comprehensive inventory of all our chemicals, deepening our understanding of their qualities and impact beyond their intended use, and engaging with suppliers, we are working on transitioning to safer solutions above what currently available in our industry. Our New Material Policy guides our formulations as we take steps to eliminate the use of chemicals of concern in our products.

GOAL 2: Reduce the use of non-renewable and fossil fuel-based resources

Non-renewable, fossil fuel-based resources have long been a staple in the cleaning chemical industry and diverging from this dependency is a challenge. As we aspire to reduce our usage of these materials, we work with suppliers to find alternatives so we can reformulate our solutions with more sustainable ingredients without compromising performance. Our goal to reduce our consumption of these resources is not limited to our formulation design, we also consider the impact of our ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and the product’s end use.

GOAL 3: Create bio-based renewable materials

Investing in chemical innovations is at the core of our program. We engage in research & development of new molecules, ingredients and technologies both in-house and through collaborations with industry partners and start-ups to transition away from non-renewable and/or fossil fuel-based material in our products. As we develop new ingredients several criteria are considered in our selection process such as biodegradability, feedstock, ethical sourcing and production-related carbon emissions. Our bio-based products and plant-based NATURAL line are only a sample of what we are working on.

GOAL 4: Certify products through third-party green programs

  • Third-party green certification standards for cleaning chemicals have existed since the late 80’s. To hold true to our commitment to do our part for people and the planet, we have certified all our products with environmental claims since the 90’s. As we grow our environmentally preferred line of cleaning solutions, we continue to submit our products to be audited and certified by at least one of these stringent and comprehensive third-party environmental programs.


Our Environmentally Preferred Solutions

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