Disappear: Promax

Carpet spotter Hydrogen peroxide based

DISAPPEAR is a high-grade hydrogen peroxide spotter that effectively removes stubborn stains and odours. 

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 00841728102191 1300470-12an 12 x 946 ml 00841728104270 1300470-4cs 4 x 3.78 L

Production Specifications

DISAPPEAR is a high-grade hydrogen peroxide spotter that effectively removes persistent organic and protein-based stains and odours. DISAPPEAR is highly effective on coffee, wine, soda drinks, fruit juices, pet stains, grass, blood, feces, and body oil. 


Clear liquid









Directions for Use

NOTE: Before application, pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. 

For organic and protein-based stains and odours: 

  1. Remove all loose soil and debris from the area being cleaned.
  2. Spray DISAPPEAR generously about 30 cm (12 in.) from stained area and allow to air dry. Use a full spray pattern and avoid water spotting by using less around the outside of the perimeter of the stain.
  3. On deep pile carpets, tamp affected area with brush or carpet rake to gently work into pile. DO NOT SCRUB OR BLOT the treated area. In cases of extreme staining, a second application may be required. DISAPPEAR can also be used directly as a laundry spotter containing oxygen bleach.


  • Carpets 
  • Laundry 
  • Upholstery 
  • Drapery 

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