Rust B Gone: Promax

Inhibited acid metal cleaner Descaler

RUST B GONE is an Inhibited acid metal cleaner that works quickly to remove heavy deposits and scale build up from metal surfaces. 

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size 1401172-4cs 00841728102634 4 x 3.78 L 1401172-18.9 00841728102641 18.9 L

Production Specifications

RUST B GONE is a specially formulated, highly effective, combination of wetting agents and inhibited hydrochloric acid blend that works quickly to remove heavy deposits and scale build up from metal surfaces. RUST B GONE is used to clean and protect metal from damaging atmospheric corrosion and can also  

remove rust, scale, and cement deposits from steel forms, tools, pipes, fittings, and painted metal surfaces. RUST B GONE is non-staining and can be used in immersion, circulation, or manual processes. 


Opaque liquid









Directions for Use

Rust and Deposits:  
To remove rust and scale from metal items and painted surfaces use RUST B GONE full strength, or dilute with up to 3 parts water, depending on the amount of deposits to be removed.  

Immersion Process:  
Immerse item to be cleaned in a plastic container of RUST B GONE for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the deposit. Remove item and rinse with large quantities of water. Repeat immersion if required.  

NOTE: Do not immerse for more than 2-3 hours. 

Cleaning Boats and Large Surfaces:  
Apply a solution of 1 part RUST B GONE to 3 parts water (1:3) to the surface with a brush or mop. Agitate with a brush if possible. Rinse with a dilute alkaline solution of 1 part Rough Rider Il to 8-10 parts water (1:10- 1:8) to neutralize any residual acid. Then rinse with water. Repeat process if required. 


  • Auto motive 
  • Industrial machinery 
  • Processing plants 
  • Construction 
  • Marine Industry 
  • Plumbing 

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