Our Impact

Our focus is on smart chemistry, water stewardship, closed-loop design, and making progress toward addressing climate change, resource depletion and material and chemical pollution across our operations and supply chain. We are committed to create a healthier world through innovation and collaboration.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Manage water footprint and water discharge quality

Reduce packaging and reuse where possible

Use 100% recycled and/or renewable content material where possible

Divert waste sent to landfills at all facilities

Eliminate and restrict hazardous and toxic ingredients

Reduce the use of non-renewable and fossil fuel-based materials

Create bio-based renewable ingredients

Certify products through third-party green programs

Reduce carbon emissions from operations and supply chain

Reduce energy consumption at all facilities

Transition all facilities to 100% renewable energy

Improve efficiency of operating systems and manufacturing processes

Our Initiatives & Environmental Timeline


Laundry Soap: Savolite Soap Company was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It mainly produced commercial laundry detergent.


Earth Day: First Earth Day in the United States. On April 22nd over 20 million Americans took to the street to raise awareness and demand action to protect the environment.


EPA: Through President Nixon’s Executive Order, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created on December 2nd. That same month on December 31st, the Congress passes the Clean Air Act.


SavGreen™ In response to the growing environmental movement of the 70’s. Savolite launches a new line of environmentally preferred cleaning products under the name SavGreen™.


Environmental Choice: The Canadian government launches its ECOLOGO mark also known as Environmental Choice, to help consumers identify environmentally preferred products. This third-party program certifies products against strict environmental standards in over 120 categories including Cleaning Products.


Canada’s First Earth Day: Canada joins the United States and over 140 countries in celebrating Earth Day’s 20th Anniversary.


A New Ecolabel Mark: Green Seal, a non-profit environmental standard and certification organization founded in 1989, expands its ecolabel to include cleaning products standards.


Naturally Better™ Standards Savolite pursues its commitment to healthier, safer and greener products and develops its own in-house standards to guide its research and development by adopting key criteria from both ECOLOGO® and Green Seal® standards.


Chemecology®: As Savolite is rebranded into Maxim Technologies, its cleaning solutions are reformulated to meet its Naturally Better™ requirements. New formulations are submitted to both ECOLOGO® and Green Seal® for independent certification. The Chemecology® environmentally preferred line of product is launched with over 11 commercial cleaning products.


Carbon Footprint: The company officially embarks on its journey into sustainability and conducts its first greenhouse gas inventory including Scopes 1, 2 and some Scope 3. Maxim Technologies partners with green renewable energy and carbon offset providers to reduce its annual carbon impact.


Paris Agreement: During the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change, 196 countries adopt the legally binding international treaty to address greenhouse gas emissions.


Zero Plastic Waste: Among other European countries, Canada adopts the Ocean Plastics Charter and commits plastic stewardship on land and sea by taking action to ensure that plastics are designed for reuse and recycling.


A New Name: Maxim Technologies undergoes a new identity and expands East. Rebranded as Project Clean, the company open its new Head Office in Hamilton, ON.


100% Green Energy: As Project Clean further engages in environmental sustainability, it commits its Head Office to be 100% powered by low-impact green renewable energy.


100% PCR Containers: Project Clean released the redesign of its packaging for bottles and jugs. After a complete remake which includes: better ergonomics, a 10% reduction of source material and 100% post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic that is 100% recyclable.


Certified Packaging: By working with local suppliers, Project Clean transitions its secondary packaging to 100% recycled corrugate content certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).


Living Wage Employer: Project Clean commits to support Living Wage standards across the entire organization by ensuring that the actual cost of living in the communities we operate are factored into the company’s comprehensive pay rate and benefit plan.


The Natural Line: Project Clean releases its ECOLOGO® certified new plant-based line of commercial cleaning products.

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