Finish Remover

Fast acting finish remover Economical to use

FINISH REMOVER removes synthetic finishes and natural waxes on first application.

Packaging Variation

Manufacturer code UPC Size A210090-4cs 841728112008 4 x 3.78L A210090-18.9 841728112015 18.9L


Production Specifications

FINISH REMOVER is a unique, non-ammoniated, deep-cutting stripper that does not require rinsing, neutralizing or machine scrubbing. It penetrates deeper and faster than conventional strippers on floors coated with acrylic polymer floor finishes and sealers. 

FINISH REMOVER removes synthetic finishes (Green certified or traditional) on first application. In most applications, FINISH REMOVER will rapidly liquefy and re-emulsify even the toughest buildups of finishes or sealers.  Its low odour and efficient formulation makes it an essential solution to any high-quality floor care program. 


Clear liquid









Directions for Use

1. Remove debris then dust mop entire surface to be stripped.

2. Dilute FINISH REMOVER at 250ml per litre of cold water (32 oz/gallon) (1:4). Apply diluted solution to an area approximately 10ft x 10ft and allow 10 minutes for FINISH REMOVER to liquify existing layers of floor finish. Do not permit FINISH REMOVER to dry on floor.

3. Scrub thoroughly with a floor machine and stripping pad.

4. Pick up the solution with a wet-vac or auto scrubber.

5. Rinse floor with NEUTRAL CLEAN as per label instructions, or mop and rinse the floor twice with cold water.

6. After floor is dry, inspect to ensure all floor finish is completely removed.

7. Apply a finish such as Project Clean zinc-free FLOOR FINISH 20.


  • Resilient flooring
  • Quarry tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete

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