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Project Clean produces non-toxic, biodegradable, and concentrated products formulated to preserve our environment and certified to consistently meet that promise. We have a growing selection of ECOLOGO® Certified products that meet your cleaning needs, while protecting the health and safety of people and preserving our planet.

Project Clean Cleaners & Degreasers

The right tool for every job

Clean smarter, not harder. Cleaning up grease and stains has never been easier. Equip your team with our purpose-formulated and in-field tested cleaners and degreasers. Our formulations cling to grease and grime, dissolving even the toughest messes. A quick and efficient clean starts with the right tools.

Disinfecting MultiSurface Cleaner Gallon

Cleaning where it counts

When the health and well-being of your people depend on it, our solutions deliver consistent action. That’s why health care facilities, commercial kitchens, schools, and other public spaces rely on Project Clean disinfectants. Our solutions control bacteria, fungi, and viruses so that everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy clean environment.

Floor Stripper Floor Care

Clean is beautiful

Keeping the shine in high traffic areas can be challenging. Our high-quality floor care program keeps walking surfaces beautifully clean and safe with environmentally friendly solutions. With this ready-to-go trio you can strip and finish your floor and maintain its shine with our daily cleaner.

Pot & Pan Clean - Kitchen

Results that sparkle

When running a kitchen, you need products that can handle the demands of a bustling environment. We have all your basic cleaning needs covered from pots and pans solutions to degreasers. With so much on your plate, you need a simple way to keep your kitchen clean so you can prep, cook and serve food safely.

First impressions are everything

When it comes to restrooms, cleanliness is a must. Our cleaners and deodorizers solve sanitation challenges with ease. Need a luxurious hand wash or a natural odor neutralizer? Our line of restroom care products is designed to leave your space feeling fresh and looking spotless.


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